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A functional & stylish top – strong hold

From dancers for dancers

Produced fairly out of sustainable materials

A collaboration of friends with the renowned swiss surfbrand OY


Supporting and spreading the message of the

Breakdance Project Uganda

A top created by Breakgirls for Breakgirls, Movers and Groovers.

The RocTop stays on no matter what!

It is created by Rebecca Annies aka Bgirl Becca in collaboration with OY Surf Apparel and its co-founder Zelia Zadra. About one year ago, Rebecca Annies aka B-Girl Becca had this idea to originate a top, which not only fullfills the highest claims on the dan­ce floors, but also that is produced fairly and sustainably.

Last but not least it was important to have a social aspect and a deeper meaning to it.

So with every Top sold, we support the Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU). The connection to them and their founder Abraham “Abramz” Tekya happened already years ago through her friend and crewmate Nadeen who is also part of the BPU.

We hope to spread their message of „HipHop for positive social change“.

The RocTop combines a lot of passions loves and friends, and hopefully this vibe will spread the world.



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