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Spreading their message of

„Hip Hop for a positive social change“

Financial support and donations

10 % of each sold RocTop, will be donated to support Hygiene- & Health Education and provide simple equipment. Additional donations will be appreciated.

1 for 10 RocTops

For every 10th RocTop sold, one will be sent to the female members of the Breakdance Project Uganda.


Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) is voluntary non-profit organization that started in February 2006 out of the belief that hip hop can be used as a tool to engage, empower and uplift communities and individuals. Its mission is to engage young people and adults in elements of the hip hop culture to promote education, positive social change, social responsibility and to build leadership skills. The organization has attracted people from every walk of life and acts as a catalyst for building mutually beneficial relationships between people of different social status across Uganda and the rest of the world. Through its free bi-weekly programs and community outreaches, it serves to teach people dance, rap, beatboxing, public speaking, leadership skills, visual arts and how to pass on those skills to others. BPU promotes the importance of both formal and non-formal education as well as increasing people’s access to both.



Health and Hygiene Education:

Limited access to health and hygiene education is a big issue in Uganda, and causes illnesses and problems that could be solved with the right education and access to basic health tools. A big percentage of girls suffer from the lack of menstrual hygiene knowledge which for example leads to skipping school during their menstruation days. The RocTop and OY Surf Apparel want to support a health education program in Breakdance Project Uganda for its members for the start with an aim of reaching out to further communities in the long run. We would love to provide simple tools like reusable sanitary pads, health trainings, soap and other basic equipment to improve the lives of the children and young adults.


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